Employment Regulation: Attendance Benefits – Legal Ramifications

Employment Regulation: Attendance Benefits – Legal Ramifications

If you were considering offering your workers special benefits as incentives for having great attendance details, afterward you must read on. In fact, businesses offering attendance bonus deals may find themselves dropping bad of regulations.

The Royal Email introduced a benefits scheme for staff that didn’t to spend a while off sick. Under the Royal Mail’s framework, workers with total attendance records have been entered in to a incentive draw to make Ford Focus automobiles or holiday vouchers really worth 2,000. As a worker incentive, it seemed to function. The Royal Email says its general sickness lack amounts fell within a nine-month period (between August and Apr) by 11%.

Nevertheless, such strategies could possess significant ramifications from a legal viewpoint, and leave businesses vulnerable to several legal claims.


Employees could bring discrimination claims because of impairment or sex. The accomplishment of these claims is dependant on each employee’s particular circumstances and requirements, whether in relation to their family, spiritual beliefs or wellness.
Alternatively, qualifying workers could provide claims to be placed through detriment treatment because of asserting their statutory privileges, for example, for:-

Period off for dependants and antenatal treatment;
Period off for study or teaching or period off for jury solutions
Maternity leave;
Adoption preserve; or
Paternity or parental preserve;

Disability discrimination may occur if, for example, an employee had period off associated with a impairment which was not considered by the business under the compliment scheme. The employee might declare the failing of the business to set aside his/her absence for impairment related elements amounted to significantly less favourable treatment.
How can businesses protect themselves from such guarantees?

Employers might avoid these pitfalls by including a listing of exclusions in the compliment scheme, for example, jury company or study hold, considering any statutory privileges to period off; or
Pay bonus offers to employees associated with performance of their job rather than implementing an attendance compliment.
Employers should be cautious with adopting an attendance praise program without legal evaluation.

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